The Russian mafia’s advances

Hey everybody we are back with another post it is the next day and we are ready to share our information. What we want to talk to you about today is the advances that the Russian mafia is making on a daily basis.

Lately the Russian mafia has been really advancing in their crime syndicate here in good old turkey.  It is really on the rise these past couple weeks and moving swiftly, we don’t know what to do. They’re moving so fast it is almost like they are about to take over this country. What do we do? This is something that we really need help on because we have been seeking so much money into busting these crooks but  we just can’t seem to find out who is in charge. We have been trying to plan an assassination on the leader but they simply have more money than we do. And they have our government officials in their pocket so it is almost game over for us. Do you guys know what we are supposed to do? Because we need to make our advances on them and make them back off soon  Else all the good people of turkey except the political officials are done. It is almost like the purge to where the politicians have them unity to all the conditions. This is wrong because the Russian mafia is killing off innocent people and  our officials are just standing by and watching it because all the Russian mob is doing is paying off these greedy bastards. That’s right we said that our political officials are a bunch of greedy bastards and they need to be kicked out of office immediately. We think with the Russian mafia is trying to do is literally take over our government.

We have an underground militia working though that is working diligently to find a way that we can stop these mad men. We are starting to get private funding from the US and other UN nations around us but we need to get more funding from different countries.  The Russian mob is knots in organization to mess with. If you cross their paths and you do not succeed they will kill you. Every single one of us are at fear for our lives because we can walk down the street and get shot by a Mafia agent right now. We don’t know why none of the UN nations are stepping in with the military forces. Four instance, if the US did that then it would all be over. The US is military power is so much stronger then the Russian mafia is. And we thought the big problem these days was ice is split in our city it’s still the Russian mafia. They have been at large for decades now just  ripping off country after country. Is something that has to come to a stop and we all need to unite to figure it out. They are getting free rides of the backs of the hard-working Turkish people. The Russian mob is just full of a bunch of greedy assholes who all they care about is money. We understand what it means to be  rich, but you have to do it the honest way. Many of us have lived in the states in the past so we have had a lot of money before but the difference between that and the Russian mafia is that we did the right thing to get our money not kill people. It is like I’l have had a lot of money before but the difference between that in the Russian mafia is that we did the right thing to get our money not kill people. It is like al Capone all over again but here in turkey. To our viewers, if there is anything or any ideas you have, please present them to us we are in a time of need!

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