About Beysiad

Hello all the new viewers and welcome to our new blog. We are a group of protesters in Turkey that are against the Russian mafia being in our country. We think it it is a disgrace and are very upset that they are taking our resources and stealing our money.  They are a group of self-righteous bastards who deserve nothing else but to go to hell. They took advantage of our country and our slowly corrupting it from the inside out. Turkey is already a country that does not have many resources that has been tattered by many different wars. We are not going to be able to rebuild our country if we have organize crime trying to run it with all the public officials in their pocket.

In this blog you can expect us to write about the latest news regarding the Russian mafia being in Turkey and what is happening with our advances on the Russian mafia.  Thank you for reading our story and if you would like to see our first post then you can view it at the first post of the blog.