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Hello everybody and the blog about turkey and the Russian mafia is back. And one of our writers has a very good story to share with you guys today. His name is John and he is going to be speaking from here on.

Hey everybody, it’s John here and I have a very awesome story to share with you. This actually just happened today as of June 9 and I would like to share it with you guys so here we go. My house was recently underseas today by the Russian mafia and it was the scariest experience of my life. It started this morning with a strange man knocking on my door. What I noticed is that this strange man has been knocking on my door and asking me weird questions every day for the past three months. And today he just happen to come by one more time. It turns out he was part of the Russian mafia and was scoping out my house so they could have a chance to rob it. By the way I am a very wealthy man with millions of dollars in a safe inside my house, and I am led to believe that these Russian mobsters know about how much money I have. That is why they decided to try and rob me today. They made a big mistake because the right help had fallen into my hands at just the right moment. I was in fear for my life after the same man came with five goons and they pounded down my big metal door with a battering ram. My house is very large so I could not hear the banging noise from the other wing. Everything happened so fast and before I knew it I had a revolver pointed at my head and the monster simply said “ give us all the access to all of your bank accounts and any cash you have inside your home or else we will kill you.” After the Mafia man told me that, I did not know what I was going to do. I was literally fearing for my life because something like this had never happened to me before. I was sitting there thinking what in my going to do, what am I going to do. Thinking to myself is this The end for me? There’s no way I’m going to tell these guys any of my personal information because then they could take my fortune away from me, the fortune I have strived so many years to create out of the hard work I’ve done.

Before I knew it another strange man busted down the door with an AK-47 machine gun and shot up all the perpetrators. This guy is an anti-mafia person from America who has been in Turkey trying to fight off the Russian mafia. It is crazy how awesome those Americans are, they are always there to help anybody and your ultimate goal is to have world peace. If this man had not come to my rescue right then, I would not know if I would be a lie right now. His name was Josh Turner and he is the most amazing man I have ever met in my life. I will have forever gratitude for what he did today and I am going to share the story with the world. I was talking to my three save me and you know I asking basic questions. We eventually got around to the subject of what he does for a living and she was telling me that he had a roofing company over in Sacramento and he does very well with his business and if you are an American citizen in Sacramento he will do your roof at a very affordable price. Please go support his Page at roofing Sacramento because I/O him something for the kind deed that he did for me today.

Sometimes when you hit a predicament that you don’t know what to do, God will send you a miracle. That is exactly what he did for me today I will say it one more time that if God did not send John to my rescue today then I would surely be dead. I owe everything to God and John. Thank you so much to all the listeners to taking the time out of their day to read my short story here.

The history of turkey.

Hello everybody, and we are back with Jjust another post for our amazing viewers. Today we want to talk to you about something a little different than our usual mafia spiel and that is to talk about the brief history of turkey.  We thought that today we would cover a subject to little bit different than what we have been recently talking about. So we will be going over a brief history lesson with you guys.


Turkey is a country that has been around for a very long time. It was established more than 1000 years ago in the sword and stone ages. This is a country that has seen a lot of different things happened to it.  This is a country that has been in between war zones for many many years now because of the fact that it is placed right between the biggest countries in Europe. Back in World War II, turkey was smacked of in the middle of France Great Britain and Germany. These were  three super countries that had some of the biggest militaries on the planet. They use our land as a battlefield so that they do not mess up their own. This is very bad because then our country always sees the scars from other people’s conflict.  People have been taking advantage of our country for hundreds of years now and it is time to put this to a stop with the mafia. We are in a day and age where people are not just going to use your country as a battlefront and leave it war     Tattered.

There’s a lot of good history to Turkey is well though. This is one of the first countries developed in Europe so it has a very diverse background of culture.  The people in this country are absolutely amazing and have so many amazing stories to share with you. They are people that have seen the worst of the worst when it comes to life and they really know how to take care of themselves. This country has seen its share of horrors and we really know how to  deal with very Trumatic event because we have been experience these types of things for pretty much the whole time we have been around.

We ask is that you get a chance to check out and come see the country of turkey, of course after this month is done. But we in curried you to visit here because it is truly a beautiful country with beautiful and amazing people that will make you feel like you were at home!

The Russian mafia’s advances

Hey everybody we are back with another post it is the next day and we are ready to share our information. What we want to talk to you about today is the advances that the Russian mafia is making on a daily basis.

Lately the Russian mafia has been really advancing in their crime syndicate here in good old turkey.  It is really on the rise these past couple weeks and moving swiftly, we don’t know what to do. They’re moving so fast it is almost like they are about to take over this country. What do we do? This is something that we really need help on because we have been seeking so much money into busting these crooks but  we just can’t seem to find out who is in charge. We have been trying to plan an assassination on the leader but they simply have more money than we do. And they have our government officials in their pocket so it is almost game over for us. Do you guys know what we are supposed to do? Because we need to make our advances on them and make them back off soon  Else all the good people of turkey except the political officials are done. It is almost like the purge to where the politicians have them unity to all the conditions. This is wrong because the Russian mafia is killing off innocent people and  our officials are just standing by and watching it because all the Russian mob is doing is paying off these greedy bastards. That’s right we said that our political officials are a bunch of greedy bastards and they need to be kicked out of office immediately. We think with the Russian mafia is trying to do is literally take over our government.

We have an underground militia working though that is working diligently to find a way that we can stop these mad men. We are starting to get private funding from the US and other UN nations around us but we need to get more funding from different countries.  The Russian mob is knots in organization to mess with. If you cross their paths and you do not succeed they will kill you. Every single one of us are at fear for our lives because we can walk down the street and get shot by a Mafia agent right now. We don’t know why none of the UN nations are stepping in with the military forces. Four instance, if the US did that then it would all be over. The US is military power is so much stronger then the Russian mafia is. And we thought the big problem these days was ice is split in our city it’s still the Russian mafia. They have been at large for decades now just  ripping off country after country. Is something that has to come to a stop and we all need to unite to figure it out. They are getting free rides of the backs of the hard-working Turkish people. The Russian mob is just full of a bunch of greedy assholes who all they care about is money. We understand what it means to be  rich, but you have to do it the honest way. Many of us have lived in the states in the past so we have had a lot of money before but the difference between that and the Russian mafia is that we did the right thing to get our money not kill people. It is like I’l have had a lot of money before but the difference between that in the Russian mafia is that we did the right thing to get our money not kill people. It is like al Capone all over again but here in turkey. To our viewers, if there is anything or any ideas you have, please present them to us we are in a time of need!

The origin of the Russian mafia

Hey everybody, we are back with another post for you guys and today we will be talking about where the Russian mafia originated from.

Russian mafia

The Russian mafia is perhaps the biggest organized crime group on the face of the earth. They have more money than the Sinaloa cartel and Joaquin Chapo Guzman. It is said that Vladimir Putin himself is tied to the Russian mafia.  She is the richest man in the world with a net worth of about $200 billion. Now that is much richer than any drug lord from Mexico. This is something that is terrible because our country is one of the places that is suffering because of all of this underground money. We are actually  A huge part of their income these days. They have taken over our trade, they control our food sources, they do drug trafficking through our country, and they do anything bad you can possibly think of.

Going on to the point we were writing this blog post for though is that where they originated from. The Russian mafia was created back in the days of Joseph Stalin. If you are not aware, Russia didn’t always have a prime minister. Wayback  when they used to have a czar.  That was basically a Russian king, they had a royal family and it was a monarchy. There was an underground group of Russians who started in underground crime syndicate so they could actually start making as much money as the royal family. The way they are economy used to be with that everybody was dirt poor except for the royal family. So if these Russians wanted a way to live the life they wanted to live, they either had to leave their country and go to the states or choose crime as their avenue. We can’t blame them, they had to have some way to make money and their stupid government didn’t give them any chances to make it the right way. There are a lot of very smart methodical people in the mafia and only if they use their skills for good, they could become a lot richer than they are legally.

We can’t blame them, they had to have some way to make money and their stupid government didn’t give them any chances to make it the right way. There are a lot of very smart methodical people in the mafia and only if they use their skills for good, they could become a lot richer than they are legally.

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Welcome to Beysiad

Hello everyone and welcome. This is a brand-new blog that is all about what is currently going on with the mob in Turkey. You can expect posts from this blog to be all about News over the controversy of the Russian mob being in Turkey.

This is something that is a very serious matter because turkey is suffering because of all the crime from the Russian mafia. Their country is getting torn apart because  the mob is a very bad entity. They control most of the trade in a lot of countries and have the governments in their pocket. They chose turkey because this country is an easy target.  They don’t generally have a lot of support to begin with and their government was already crumbling. The mafia saw this as easy territory to go hit up because nobody is going to do anything about it.

Here is a video that explains the Russian Mafia

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